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Who are we ?

Level Up is a consulting company, specialized in digital transformation.

By understanding the context that surrounds the global digital economy, Level Up transforms your needs by innovating digital strategies, models of operation and adopting new digital technologies. All of this by keeping the essence of your project, with the purpose of keeping your relevance in the digital world, maintaining your competitiveness and improving and accelerating your company.

Working together

Our method

Your legacy

Level Up expects to create your digital transformation respecting the legacy and the essence of your project while adding innovative solutions and new strategies to achieve the best result.





Level Up experts follow the project digital transformation,
from the creation of the concept to the launch. 






IT Artisans

Level Up experts are passionate about the art of the digital transformation, their I.T knowledge, allows them to express their creativity to give you endless possibilities to take the step into the digital world.



Agile Project Management

Level Up uses the agile project management method to create a vision that provides constant value, adapts and learns to different conditions and embraces change, while keeping motivation and excellence as the main focus.


Our expertise


Google GCP / Amazon AWS / Microsoft Azure

Level Up experts use Cloud technologies to create new perspectives in how to modernize and improve the digitization and automation of businesses to transform them into global scalable and resilient projects. 

Gitlab CI/CD solutions/Kubernetes/Docker/Openshift

Level Up experts are constantly combining the newest strategies between IT operations and software development. All of this while improving the flow process and prioritizing automation. 



Urbanisation SI / Design pattern / architecture on microservices / SOA

Level Up experts understand that digital transformation involves architectural challenges, taking in consideration the need to be present in the whole process, from the presentation of an idea, the organization, the coding, until the deployment of the final result. The team will be a part of the transformation journey from A to Z.

Relational Database / Unstructured Database

The idea of Data in the traditional offline brands is the infrastructure of what the digital transformation of your project will become. Level Up experts will support you with a global vision on how to build the new ecosystem “the online world” by understanding, aligning and making your project actionable from traditional operations to a digital platform.


Our competences

push notification level up services

Push Notification

Email, Mobile app, text messages, social media…

Level Up helps you with the process of introducing Push Notifications services to your digital transformation strategy, allowing you to send automated data from your company to your clients.


Commercial contracts, account opening, legal documents…

Level Up helps you transform your  traditional offline data to the online world with secure and faster e-signature solutions.


How we help your teams to be better

Stack : 

Angular, Spring-boot, Apache Camel

DevOps : 


Environment : 


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